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Coil Reach
Saturday, November 03, 2007 (MySpace Entry) David Hobbs          Category: Life
Throughout my life I've had many interests and I have been blessed enough to experience a wide variety of things, however, music has been the only constant variable.  I started out on guitar in 4th grade playing Metallica songs for fun.  In middle school I played at the dances with my punk rock band.  In high school I put down the guitar and picked up piano.  In college I picked up bass guitar to fill the gap for "Fileo".  Fileo was the first serious band I was involved with.  Once Fileo broke up, my songwriting and music ability began to take real direction.  As a sophomore in college, I am now the keys/bass/synth of the band The Coil Reach.

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Esther's Flight
David's "escape" from the everyday world that we live in was through his music. Esther's Flight is a portrait of  this escape which takes the listener flying away with David. Through "the window" that he created for us, we can fly across fields and "swim with the fishes deep under the sea." He stands with us when "the world comes down", and in the end provides hope that the "wind blows you back."

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Reverie is a name that Dave always wanted for his band. He liked many names, but I cannot remember any name that lasted the course of his high school and college years like Reverie. He tried to convince all of the members of Fileo to change their name to Reverie and I think he had all of them convinced, but the name was really about David. To me the name always meant to admire and hold in reverence his music . I always have -- and I always will.  -  Dad

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Never finished, never done, never good enough, but you had fun. The music flowed and no one could stop it. It followed you everywhere and you followed it. Feel the music, don't just play the music. How can so many things be written, yet the sounds continued to flow. You did not need a studio. The stage was inviting, not afraid, going where you needed to go, never worried about the crowds, you knew that the music spoke for you. If only we all could listen. The passion, the happy and the sad, with or without words, we find meaning. As you said "the small things, mean something, inside our minds." All ages, all times, all genres, can enjoy the blessings you shared. You can watch now, it is our turn to listen.
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Revelation of the Heart
There is greatness in a painting, there’s greatness in a poem. There is greatness in the memories of family and of home. And if I could just remember every moment of the day, I would fall in love forever with the words that you would say. Hey we see, this careless dream, cause we don’t remember turns of roads that are leading us nowhere fast, And the sadness of our yesterdays forever in the past. You know that I may scream, this place could be, the location of our destiny the place that we may start, a simple revelation from the center of your heart.
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